Need help with the registration process?

This page provides a walk-through of the entire registration process, so if you'd like a little help, read on...

When you click the "Register" button on the Registration page, you will be taken to the 2M website to complete the registration. You will see summary information about Lightning Fencing Club, and there will be a button to click for "Individual Registration".

Click the button to begin the registration process.


If you already have a 2M account (i.e. from a previous year), then log in to your account. Otherwise, create a new account.

Note: When you are creating a new account, create the account for yourself. If you are registering your child, you will have the opportunity to enter your child's information later.  Your account is your own.


Once you have logged in, you will be asked: "Who do you want to register?"

Any previously-registered household members will be listed. If you have just created a new account, there will be no one listed.

Important: If you are registering yourself for fencing classes, then click the "Register" button. If you are registering your child, then click "Register someone else". This is your opportunity to enter your child's information.


If you are registering your child, you will now enter their information. Note that for the email address, you may enter your child's email address (if they have one) or your own.

Click the "Register" button to continue.


You will now get to select the category for your registration.  Select one category and click the "Next" button.

For new members only:
You have the option to register for a 10-week intro instead of a full membership. If you decide to continue later, then you can "top up" by registering again with the "Intro to Full Membership Top Up".

If you decide to "top up" and you are registering more than one person from the same household, please contact us, and we'll arrange for a discount.

For returning members only:
If you are going to be registering more than one person from the same household, your first registration should be for a "Full Membership". Then each subsequent registration should be for an "Additional Household Member".


Your membership with Lightning Fencing Club requires a membership with the Manitoba Fencing Association.  At this point, click the button to begin enter the required information for your MFA registration.


All members of the MFA must be affiliated with a club. Make sure to choose our club!
We are "MBL - Lightning Fencing Club".

Once you click on "Next", you will be required to answer some questions from the MFA, including emergency contact information.  Answer the questions and click "Next".

You will see a summary of the information you have entered for your MFA registration. If everything looks correct, click "Complete and Return to Registration".


You will now return to the registration process for Lightning Fencing Club, which continues with a few questions. Please answer the questions, and then click "Next".


You will be given the option to purchase a fencing glove. As explained in the description, every fencer must have a fencing glove, so if you do not have one, please purchase one by adding one to the cart. Then click "Next".


You will see two options. You can proceed to the cart, or you can add another participant. If you are registering more than one person from the same household, don't forget you have the option to choose "Additional Household Member" when registering.

When you proceed to the cart, you will be given an option to make a donation to the CFF.

Next, if you are registering on behalf of a child, you will be asked if you are the parent or legal guardian. Answer accordingly, and then fill in the appropriate information and click "Continue".


You will now be required to sign the waiver forms for all 3 organizations (CFF, MFA, LFC). Select the language, and then follow the instructions.

You will be required to enter your full name and click "I agree to the above".

This will happen three times (once for each organization).


Finally, you will see a summary of your order. Fill in the remaining details, including the Billing & Payment information.

If you have a coupon code for having your own equipment (EQUIP2023), don't forget to enter it here. As a reminder... you must have at least 3 pieces of your own major equipment (eg. sword, mask and jacket) to qualify for this discount.

Click "Submit & Complete".


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